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Al Alya Trading Company, Muscat is  fast growing organisation into multiple businesses. It is the sole agent of Coolpex - the multinational market leader in water purifier industry using Reverse Osmosis, Filmtec Membrane ( USA ), UVS Holland. Reverse Osmosis is the technology used with Instant Water Purifier Systems  for Industrial, Residential, Institution & Corporate utilities.

The  company  has  ambitious  plans  to  reach  out  the whole of Sultanate of Oman   in  2011  with  ample  presence  in  all  cities, thereby benifiting  the  consumers to  provide  better  products,   better  service,  better  customer care.

We have promotional plans with world's leading conglomorate for business opportunities of everyday hitech essentially needed products.

Worldwide Marketing:- Coolpex has been supplying over 5,00,000 sets of RO systems water purifiers  to  customers in the last decade  & are  very proud of exporting high quality products to different countries that is covering North America (US & Canada), South America (Ecuador), Europe (Germany, Spain, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey & Cyprus, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania), Asia (Singapore, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia & Bangladesh, Kirghizia), Africa (Egypt & South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria), and most of the Middle East countries (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran, Syria, Kuwait, Lebanon & Israel, Iraq, Qatar, UAE, OMAN)..
Many  other  Appliances  products  such  as  Instant  Soda  Maker, Instant Fruit Juicer, Wet - Grinder , electric cookers , pressure  cookers, etc..  are  also  being  added  to  the  range  :-  all  belongs  to  world's  leading  companies.

Coolpex Product Category :

Residential RO
Industrial RO
Water Purifier
RO Dispenser
Electrolytic Water Machine
Housing / Filter