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Become a Channel Partner ?

Al Alya Trading Company is  in  the  process  of  appointing  Channel Partners  at  various  locations  in  Muscat  City  as  well  as  in  all  upcountry outstation  cities  with  an  objective  of  optimum  reach  to  common people  so  that  the  benifits  are  avilable  through  out the  country.
Those  interested  can  apply  for the following category.

1)  Exclusive  Retail Shops : This  will  be  an  exclusive  Tulip  Shop  with a sole  range  of  our  products.  Special  customer  schemes  will  be  available  in  such  shops.  Those  with a   250 sq ft of  commercial  space  in  ground / 1st floor  with  an  investment   capacity  of 15 -20,000 /- OMR  may  have  an  opportunity  .

2) Distributors/ Stockists: are  assigned  to  local  selling  of Al Alya Trading Company  range  of  Products  through  big, small, medium-sized  retail shops  into  appliances, sanitary, electronic product  shops  in a  definite territory.

3) Direct Sales Agency :  They  are  expected  to  promote  Tulip  range  of  products  on a  door- to door  basis  to  residences/ offices  / corporates  &  other  Institutions. Needs  to  have a good  sales  team  in a  definite  territory.

4) Freelancing Commission Agents: Individuals/Housewifes who  may  have  free  time  to  propogate  about  our  range  of  products / srvices  only  need  to  refer  to  friends/ relatives  can  earn  a referral  commission .
Views of a Standard Coolpex Showroom