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Water is the Key to all bodily functions.

Water is the substance of life. The body is comprised of 80% water and  Water plays a vital role in nearly every bodily function. Water helps remove toxins from the body, in particular from the digestive tract and it regulates the body's cooling system.

Lack of clean drinking water is a major problem in many countries. Inadequate access to safe water have many other serious repercussions. 

Many think that boiled water is safe for drinking but it in turn increases the lead concentration by evaporating the water and leaving lead behind. That's why it's so important to take the preventative steps necessary, like filtering the water . Coolpex Water filters play a major role in reducing the contaminants found in tap water such as heavy toxic metals and industrial pollutants and chlorine.

Filtered water is better for your health than water which comes in disposable plastic bottles. Filtered water makes water taste better, makes food taste better and is better for you. Coolpex Water purifiers accomplish this by offering our customers safe, cost-effective water treatment products.  


Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are classified as a secondary contaminant by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and a suggested maximum is 500 ppm. Concerns with secondary standards relate to aesthetic or cosmetic quality of the water rather than health concerns. TDS can give water a murky appearance and detract from the taste quality of the water. Gastrointestinal irritation in some individuals can be caused by high TDS levels. TDS can also interfere with treatment devices and is an important consideration when choosing a water treatment system.