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Reverse  Osmosis  is  the  most  advanced technology for  residential  installations  as  well  as  industrial/ corporate  use.This  Process  eliminates  almost  all  bacterias, toxins,harmfull minerals to 0.001 micron
Reverse  Osmosis  has  following  cutting edge  Advantages  over  other  conventional  water purification methods.

  • No  Addition  of  any  hazardous chemicals  while  the  right  amount  of  minerals  are  maintained
  • Water  gets  rid  of  Chlorine,Flourine,Corrosion  &  Chemicals
  • It  softens  water without  using  chemicals
  • Prevents  rust ,Scale up in  Home Appliances making  water  Safe ,Clean............
  • Economical  &  Esay Installation :- Hundreds of Gallons of Water can be purified without any additional expenses
  • Simple  Installation, absolute freedom from  warranty  of maintanance
  • It  is  recomended  for  healthy development  of  mind / brain   among children
  • It  is  recomended  for people on a low sodium diet to control high blood pressure
  • Highly  usefull  for people  with  kidney troubles due  to  excess  consumption  of  minerals  through  water
  • It is  efficient  as  pure  water is on your fingertips always
  • It  helps  to  maintain ideal PH Level of water
  • It  make  continious  disinfection without  special attention  as  water  coming out  of  tap  is  instantly purified
Reverse Osmosis is by far the most advanced technology for homes installation available to you. It is based on the process by which the human cells diffuse fluids between the intracellular and extracellular spaces, by separating and selectively preventing the passage of solute molecules (through a membrane) and allowing the passage of the solvent H2O. This process eliminates almost all bacteria, toxins and harmful levels of minerals to 0.001 Micron.